The Author

My name is Irene Greenwood. I’m the author and the owner of this blog. But first of all, before I introduce me to you, let me tell you a little secret.

My real last name is actually Alexopoulos. As you may understand, it’s a Greek one. Oh yeah, one of those ones difficult to pronounce for a non-Greek. I really like my given last name, but I am of the opinion that the “Greenwood” one represents me in a better way. And why is that? I can tell you that I’m a nature lover, a lover of flora and fauna, a free wit. I adore nature in every aspect. This adoration drove me by any means to this delightful path of the creation of “Greenwood” as a last name. But don’t worry! You can call me however you want! It’s totally up to you! No worries.

As far as my first name, I have to tell you a short story. As I told you previously, I’m called Irene. Ehh, there is a reason I was given this name. Well, when I was born, my father and my mother were obviously thinking of my name. The decision was pretty much easy to make. And why is that? My raised in Australia father was a big fan of Beatles and John Lennon back then, at his puberty. So, when “Imagine” released in 1971, and it was playing all over, again and again on the Australian charts, well, you can imagine my father and his pals being obsessed with this song. I mean, what would you do if you were listening to “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”? Well, my father and his pals were singing again and again these lyrics, they were attending parties and listening and dancing through this song. Literally, they did pretty much everything in the soundtrack of “Imagine”. And considering the fact that this song regards humanity and love and peace, my father wanted to name me after his best song, “Peace”. But then, my mom suggested that Irene would suit me better, considering the fact that my parents were married and settled in Athens, Greece. And guess what! My father didn’t even get disappointed at all, cause in Greek language the name “Irene” and the word “Peace”, are actually synonyms. (In Greek I’m called «Ειρήνη». For anyone brave out there who is brave enough to pronounce it, I’ll give you a hand. It’s pronounced Erene.) How awesome and convenient for everyone was that! So, no harm done. And everyone was happy ever after! As a result, every time this song plays on the radio, my dad starts reciting this story over and over again. Well, if you ever gonna meet him, believe me, you are not going to sneak off without the whole story!

So, now that we have solved this matter of my first and my last name, let me tell you some things about me, that I think they are important.

I’m half Greek, half Aussie! I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, I’ve never visited my second country, Australia. But, I’m planning to do so really soon.

I’m fast approaching my 20’s and I’m currently studying at the department of Civil Engineering. I really wish I had the opportunity to switch major. I think I would perfectly fit at the Architecture department. I guess it suits me and my interests more. But in the Greek Universities there is not unfortunately this opportunity. As a result, I’m continuing for now my studies at the current major. Besides, it’s not like I hate it at all. I would just prefer a little bit more the Architecture Studies. Oh, you know… Design, modeling, drawing, sketching. Anyway, I’m planning on an MSc on Architecture.

Somehow or other, I have so many dreams for my future. I mean, way too many, in a way that sometimes I overdo it. BUT, (there is always a “but”) as some of you may know (or don’t), “Dreams are Revolution”! And believe it or not, that’s kind of my moto!

Furthermore, I’m a book lover. I always try to find spare time in order to read something. Anything! Not only literature books, or architectural ones, but also historical concerning ancient civilizations. Well, I am confiding it! I am crazy about the ancient civilizations. I mostly like the details about their architecture. You have to admit it, that in a lot of aspects our ancestors were way too developed in this domain. Just imagine the Pyramids of ancient Egypt, Colosseum, Parthenon. Gosh! I shiver only in the sight of them!

Last but not least, about two years ago, I just found out that I am more of a practical-handy person. All I want to say is that I want to create, I want to make things with my hands, to tamper things. Just like my beloved mother. Well, it’s a pathological act! Dirt, paint, dust, charcoal, clay, canvas, are my kind of things. For about two years now, I’m sketching. Unfortunately, not much, because of lack of free time. Also, I undertake with clay, twine and other stuff. Well, I like being creative. That’s all! That’s my biggest “disadvantage”! Anyway, I decided to share with you this passion of mine. (Well, my sister tells me all the time that it’s a natural talent, BUT, hello! Way too big words sis!) And, while I am making these crafts and creations in general, I am listening to music. Actually, I listen to music all the time, but that’s another “not so sad” story.

Mmm, I think I might have said a lot! I hope I did not get you tired and you did achieve to make it through the whole “presentation” of me thing. If you find me and my blog interesting, you will learn more about me, my personality and interests in the upcoming posts. So, if you wish, stay tuned and keep in touch. You can contact me anytime. I swear, I don’t bite! (Just kidding!) That’s it! The journey is about to start. So go aboard and … LET’S BEGIN!