LogoWelcome to Love Peace & Freedom! A blog full of love and passion for life! I’m Irene and this kind of is my little nest where I can get lost and at the same time spread some magic through the world. Well, what kind of magic? Oh, don’t worry! It’s not about any spells or something like that. It’s nothing more than a bunch of undreamt DIYs, décor ideas, a lot of –believe me– super healthy recipes (including Greek ones too), or even reviews of life changing-motivational books with deep meaning. Oh, and not to mention the huge amount of DIYs jewelry and fashion projects accompanied with really interesting and fascinating music of different kinds.

Well, I think that these info are just enough for start. I don’t want to spoil your imagination. I like keeping you in excitement and I just want to predispose you for the upcoming posts. Just food for thought! Besides, the most fascinating stuff are yet to come! So, let your imagination spread out and if you wish, join me at this journey of Love Peace & Freedom!

And remember,

“Soul is Freedom, Love is Power, Hope is Love, Dreams are Revolutions…”


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